Protect Democracy Statement Supporting the Impeachment of President Trump

Today, Protect Democracy issued the following statement:

“The racism.

The misogyny.

The corruption.

The stoking of hatred and violence.

The praise for dictators.

The disinformation and lying to the American people.

The attacks on our public servants.

The political interference in the enforcement of the law and obstruction of justice.

The attacks on our First Amendment.

The subversion of our Separation of Powers.

The attempts to delegitimize elections.

The near constant violations of his oath of office.


The Founders created for us a Republic, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “If [we] can keep it.” It rests on the principle that No One Is Above The Law. Donald Trump has sought to place himself above the law over and over again, betraying the most basic premise of our constitutional system. If we allow this to continue further, we risk failing the test the Founders set for us as self-governing citizens.

Donald Trump’s admission that he used the American presidency to pressure a foreign government to interfere in an American election is not his first impeachable offense, it is merely the latest.

But the fact that he engaged in this act mere days after Robert Mueller testified in the investigation into whether Trump and his campaign had conspired with a foreign government to interfere in the last election makes clear that Trump was not chastened by that investigation, but rather emboldened by it. The failure to hold him accountable for past breaches of his oath has made him believe that he can get away with lawlessness. That cannot be allowed to continue.

As an organization made up of liberals and conservatives committed to protecting American democracy, we have concluded that the House must begin formal impeachment proceedings. That is the remedy our Constitution provides for when a President engages in “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

But Congress must do more than that. Because Donald Trump is merely a symptom of a more dangerous phenomenon sweeping the world: the rise of autocratic strongmen who are attempting to dismantle representative democracies. The Trump era in America has exposed that our democracy has vulnerabilities, and it has laid bare many of the long-standing imperfections in our democracy that have caused people to lose faith in it.

We would fail this moment if we did not address these underlying problems as well. Protect Democracy has proposed a set of reforms designed to fix many of the vulnerabilities Trump has exposed and improve our democracy for future generations. Congress must act on these, lest we leave ourselves vulnerable to another Trump rising in the future — a Trump 2.0 who is more competent than the current autocrat in the White House and able to more effectively dismantle our system of government.

Our Constitution calls on the Senate to try cases of impeachment. But at the end of the day, the ultimate jurors are We The People. The House should begin impeachment proceedings and use its full powers, including the power of inherent contempt, to present evidence to the American people leading to a vote on articles of impeachment. Then the American people can render an ultimate verdict.”

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