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It has been the responsibility of each generation of Americans to uphold and strengthen the pillars of our democracy. That democracy is currently facing unprecedented challenges, with political currents that threaten to slide the United States further down the road towards authoritarianism than previously assumed possible.  Protect Democracy will hold our government accountable to the laws and longstanding practices that have underpinned our democracy through both Democratic and Republican Administrations.

We were conceived and are led by a group of former White House and Administration lawyers and communications professionals, all with a deep understanding of how the federal government works. As we were the ones tasked with implementing and enforcing the norms that have constrained presidential power for decades, we know what those guardrails are and when those in power may be tempted to violate them.

We are working to assemble a staff of the highest caliber to leverage tools outside government to prevent the exploitation of power within it, specifically in ways that reflect that threat to our democracy. That team will lead our efforts to monitor, investigate, report on, educate the public about, and organize and litigate against any actions taken by the Executive Branch that could erode the rules, practices and freedoms that underpin our ability as a self-governing people to hold our leaders accountable.

Excellent candidates will share a deep commitment to this mission, be creative and entrepreneurial in conceiving strategies for achieving it, be excellent executors and project managers with experience in the types of work that will be required, and be able to wholeheartedly embrace and embody our organizational culture principles and a start-up environment, including collaboration, constant feedback, excellence, efficiency, and integrity.

All positions are full-time and offer competitive salary and benefits commensurate with experience. The office will be virtual initially and therefore the only location requirements are that your location be one that allows you to complete the demands of the position and mission (e.g., those directly involved in Hill work will need to be in DC).

Protect Democracy is an equal opportunity employer. Our culture principles emphasize that there is strength in diversity as we believe diverse teams are more innovative, creative and productive teams. Protect Democracy encourages applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, and veteran status.

To apply to any position below, send a cover letter and CV to with the position you are applying for in the subject line followed by your last name.

Open Positions:

  • Campaign Director
  • Communications Director
  • Counsel 
  • Summer Intern

Campaign Director

The Campaign Director will be responsible for developing and then executing advocacy strategies to support our oversight, litigation and other projects to protect democracy. This will involve coordinating with grasstops leaders to build public support for our initiatives as well as being our primary liaison to other grassroots organizing groups to work with them to support strategic initiatives.  At the same time, the Campaign Director will be responsible for beginning to build a list of supporters of our own who we will be able to activate to provide support to our initiatives. The Campaign Director would then work with partner groups or with our own list to craft organizing campaigns, draft emails and mobilization tools, and oversee execution of campaigns in support of our legal team’s efforts and in coordination with our communications team. The Campaign Director will be responsible to:

  • Oversee advocacy strategy and execution;
  • Liaise with other grassroots groups to get their campaigning support in service of our initiatives and maintain strong inter-org relations;
  • Build an email list of supporters;
  • Develop and design campaigning strategies to support our legal team’s oversight and litigation work;
  • Draft emails, public sign-on letters and other tools necessary to execute campaigns;
  • Be primarily responsible for keeping our supporters engaged and building actions for them to take in support of our mission;
  • Working with the ED and other team members to deliver the results of member actions when those actions are not directly delivered;
  • Oversee with the communications director the building of any tech tools necessary to support campaigns.


  • Past senior leadership level relevant campaigning work, with experience in digital campaigning a plus.
  • Experience building and managing teams.
  • Excellent writing and oral skills to concisely deliver campaign emails and messages.
  • Excellent diplomatic skills and knowledge of the grasstops landscape and grassroots organizing landscape.
  • Ability to understand complex legal issues and translate them for non-legal actors.
  • Deep understanding of the federal government and oversight structures in order to craft effective theories of change on which to base campaigns.
  • Deep understanding of the political landscape for the same reason.
  • Ability to be inspiring speaker, writer and organizer.
  • Familiarity with the use of social media tools.
  • Entrepreneurial approach and the ability to create, initiate and direct creative workstreams.
  • Deep and demonstrated commitment to the mission of protecting our democracy.
  • Adherence to the culture principles of the organization.
  • Comfort with an open and transparent culture with constant feedback up, down and sideways.


Communications Director

The Communications Director will be responsible for developing and then executing overall media and communications strategies to deliver on our mission of protecting democracy from declining into a more autocratic form of government. This will include developing communications strategies to advance our oversight, litigation and other legal or campaign work, as well as initiating communications projects to protect democracy. Part of our mission is helping to inform the public, the media and relevant government actors about the threats facing our democracy, and helping to shape the public narrative to accurately reflect those threats and potential solutions. The Communications Director needs to marshal the resources of a rapidly-growing start-up, including building out those resources, to deliver on this goal.

The Communications Director will be responsible to:

  • Oversee communications strategy and execution;
  • Establish and achieve key performance metrics to track execution of that strategy;
  • Serve as a resource to the media and organize the assets in Protect Democracy’s network to do the same;
  • Develop and execute social media strategies;
  • Develop and manage strong relationships with the media;
  • Ensure the public is informed about Protect Democracy’s work to the extent that advances the mission through whatever means are appropriate;
  • Conceive and create new projects to use the media to advance our mission;
  • Develop, design and draft content or oversee those who will;
  • Design and then build a team, as necessary, to achieve Protect Democracy’s goals via media.


  • Past senior leadership level communications work, or the ability to execute at that level.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and workstreams at the same time, staying on top of them all.
  • Ability to place comms work within a strategic framework designed to achieve clear objectives.
  • Fluency with the current political environment and legal issues (a J.D. is not a requirement, but the ability to understand and communicate legal issues is).
  • Comfort developing relevant metrics and then meeting them.
  • Extreme welcoming of input and feedback from across the team.
  • Strong writing ability, ability to craft blog posts, emails, etc that deal with issues of concern to Protect Democracy.
  • Ability to spot, hire, train and manage talent.
  • Ability to build and manage strong relationships with reporters.
  • Ability to represent Protect Democracy in high stakes press environments.
  • Ability to train and manage staff to engage in external communications work.
  • Familiarity with a vast range of communications tools and instinct for seeking out and experimenting with new ones.
  • Strong ability to manage up, and comfort with full transparency.
  • Entrepreneurial approach and the ability to create, initiate and direct creative workstreams.
  • Deep and demonstrated commitment to the mission of protecting our democracy.
  • Adherence to the culture principles of the organization.
  • Comfort with an open and transparent culture with constant feedback up, down and sideways.



Protect Democracy’s Counsels will be responsible for driving our legal strategies to confront abuses and potential abuses by government officials and agencies in areas that are relevant to our core mission. The counsels will develop and execute creative oversight and litigation strategies. The counsels will manage all aspects of legal projects, including partnering with and managing law firms providing pro bono assistance, drawing on our expert and advisory networks for guidance and support, and supervising law students in our affiliated Harvard Law School clinic.

The counsels will be responsible for the following types of work:

  • Developing and proposing topics and priorities for oversight, litigation or other legal projects consistent with our mission, in coordination with the rest of the team;
  • Developing strategies for conducting oversight and investigations, including overseeing preparation and submission of FOIA requests; devising strategies to ensure appropriate checks and balances from other oversight organizations (e.g., IGs, Hill, OSC, NGOs); and creating legal tools and strategies to protect and assist government whistleblowers;
  • Initiating and directing litigation related to enforcing oversight and transparency requests (e.g., FOIA and FACA litigation);
  • Researching and devising innovative legal arguments and potential litigation approaches, and serving as creative thought leaders on subjects within our mission.
  • Drafting and editing pleadings and motions; handling discovery, witness interviews, and depositions; authoring appellate and amicus briefs; arguing motions and cases in court.
  • Coordinating with communications and campaign teams to educate the public on legal matters and build support for legal strategies.


  • Significant experience conducting relevant legal work, including handling oversight in or around federal government; experience with FOIA; experience with government ethics, civil service protection, and democracy-protection laws; experience in constitutional and administrative litigation (note: candidates need not have experience in all of these areas but should have familiarity with some of them and ability to quickly get up to speed in the others).
  • Exceptional writing skills for materials intended for both legal and non-legal audiences.
  • Entrepreneurial approach and the ability to create, initiate and direct creative workstreams.
  • Deep and demonstrated commitment to the mission of protecting our democracy.
  • Bar membership in good standing in jurisdiction of residence and ability and willingness to waive into DC or other places as required.
  • Adherence to the culture principles of the organization.
  • Comfort with an open and transparent culture with constant feedback up, down and sideways.
  • Rigorous attention to detail and the highest standards for excellence in execution.
  • Comfort taking smart, strategic and calculated risks.
  • Comfort with team collaboration; not needing to work only in an isolated and autonomous way.
  • Comfort working in a start-up environment, doing whatever is necessary to build the organization and support your own work;
  • A healthy mix of idealism, sophistication and practicality, coupled with personal kindness and generosity of spirit.


Summer Intern

Protect Democracy is seeking two highly motivated current law students for internships in summer 2018. This internship is unpaid, full time (40 hours/week), and requires a 10 week commitment. In limited circumstances, Protect Democracy is open to accepting candidates who wish to split their summer with a firm; in such cases, Protect Democracy will require 6 weeks during the second half of the summer. If this applies to you, please indicate as much in your cover letter. Interviews are rolling; immediate applications are encouraged.

This position is open to current 2L law students. Interns must work from one of our offices in Boston, D.C., or New York City. Please indicate which city you are interested in in your cover letter.

Interns will be responsible for:

  • Researching and drafting memoranda on a wide array of federal and state legal and policy issues, related to Protect Democracy’s core issue areas;
  • Drafting and editing pleadings, policy documents, and reports;
  • Assisting in reviewing discovery; and
  • Fully participating in the life of the organization.


  • Excellent writing and legal research skills, including a very high level of attention to details of grammar, style, and Bluebook citation format;
  • Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills; ability to correspond naturally with high level individuals, co-counsel, and colleagues;
  • Ability to work in a very collaborative and collegial environment, including through virtual meetings;
  • Adherence to the culture principles of the organization;
  • Comfort with an open and transparent culture with constant feedback (written and verbal) up, down, and sideways;
  • The highest standards for excellence in execution;
  • Ability to quickly master the mechanics of new concepts and processes; and
  • A healthy mix of idealism, sophistication, and practicality, coupled with personal kindness and generosity of spirit

How to Apply:

Interested law students should send a resume, cover letter, legal writing sample (no longer than 10 pages), and list of three references to with the position you are applying for in the subject line followed by your last name. Documents should be sent as a single PDF.

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