El Paso County, Texas, is a bilingual, bi-national, multicultural community with over 800,000 residents, more than 82% of whom are Latinx and more than 25% of whom are foreign born. It is part of the largest border community on the Rio Grande, and has been recognized as one of the ten safest cities in the U.S. for two consecutive years based on its low rates of violent crime and property crime. El Paso County takes great pride in protecting its residents and values, and has been a leader in the fight against discrimination of all types with a special focus on protecting the civil rights of its immigrant communities.
President Trump’s official attack on this American city has threatened local businesses, harmed tourism, and denigrated the reputation of a community that local residents have historically known to be safe and thriving. For more information about how his illegal and unconstitutional emergency declaration has affected real people in this community, visit

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