Partnerships Associate

Note: We are no longer accepting applications for this role.

Protect Democracy seeks a motivated and entrepreneurial individual to join our team as Partnerships Associate.

At Protect Democracy, we anchor our work in service to our ambitious mission: to prevent American democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government. Our mission is the foundation of our team, be it litigation, advocacy, or ensuring that our organization has the financial security to continue to meet the urgency of the moment and the importance of this movement.

In the role of Partnerships Associate, you will join our small, highly collaborative fundraising team and play a critical part in securing the financial future of Protect Democracy. We believe that those who donate to Protect Democracy are our true partners, and you will work with staff from across the organization to connect and contextualize our mission and impact to engage and inform these partners. In your work, you will collaborate with the fundraising team to develop and achieve annual fundraising goals, manage Protect Democracy’s development data, prepare written materials to convey our work, cultivate donor relationships, and foster innovative practices and strategies in fundraising to advance us towards our mission.


As a member of the Partnerships team, you will:

  • Collaborate with the fundraising team to craft annual development goals and track progress towards those goals;
  • Build and improve on Protect Democracy’s fundraising practices by closely examining needs, assessing possible solutions, and making concise recommendations;
  • Manage relationships with existing and prospective donors;
  • Craft fundraising materials and tools, including grant proposals, reports, external presentations, and concept notes;
  • Ensure Protect Democracy’s development data is up to date and manage various fundraising tools, including Protect Democracy’s donor database;
  • Coordinate and execute fundraising events for prospective and existing donors and partners (while these events will be virtual for the foreseeable future, we do imagine this to include in-person convenings in a post-COVID world);
  • Prepare the Executive Director for meetings with donors and accompany the Executive Director;
  • Contribute to ongoing work products by researching, writing, editing, and contributing thoughts and ideas to projects.

The ideal candidate will bring:

  • Passion for protecting our democracy;
  • Professional experience in a firm or mission-driven organization (we do not have a minimum or maximum number of years of experience attached to this role––early career applicants as well as mid-career applicants are both encouraged to apply as we may hire multiple people at different levels of experience, each paid commensurately with their years of experience);
  • Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills––including tangible success engaging effectively with high level individuals;
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, with respect to issues of law, government, politics and public policy preferred but not required;
  • Proven project management experience, including ability to develop and implement plans and track, prioritize and balance an assortment of ongoing responsibilities and competing deadlines;
  • Strong personal motivation and ability to quickly master the mechanics of new concepts, markets, or systems;
  • Excellent critical thinking skills––can reason through novel problems and have good instincts about how to get to efficient solutions;
  • Rigorous attention to detail and the highest standards for excellence in execution;
  • Facility with databases and data management;
  • A belief that there is strength in diversity and a commitment to ensuring an inclusive workplace;
  • Enthusiasm to learn and a growth mindset that recognizes that we are all on a constant path of improvement;
  • Enthusiasm to work in a collaborative environment with shared leadership;
  • A passion for creativity and innovation with expanding fundraising efforts in a time of COVID-19, when limited face-to-face meetings and planned events will require outside the box fundraising strategies and a willingness to test new methods and systems;
  • Comfort with an open and transparent culture with constant feedback up, down, and sideways;
  • A healthy mix of idealism, sophistication and practicality, coupled with personal kindness and generosity of spirit.

About Protect Democracy:

  • Competitive pay and phenomenal benefits. All positions are full-time and offer a salary and benefits that are commensurate with experience and designed to be at the leading edge of competitiveness for the social justice and non-profit sector. While we cannot match for-profit sector salaries, our intent is to not make finance a bar to people who want to do this work on the theory that paying for top talent will result in greater delivery of impact towards our mission. For example, our benefits package includes three months of paid parental leave, a 401k plan in which we match employee contributions dollar for dollar up to 6% of salary, and full coverage for an excellent health care plan.
  • Commitment to a diverse workplace.  Protect Democracy is an equal opportunity employer. Our culture principles emphasize that there is strength in diversity as we believe diverse teams are more innovative, creative, and productive. Protect Democracy encourages applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status, and political affiliation. Candidates from diverse backgrounds and from across the political and ideological spectrum are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Ample opportunities for personal & professional development. At Protect Democracy, we invest in our staff, and that includes fostering connections between members of the team and providing opportunities for training and continued education. Candidates who do not meet all listed criteria should still apply, as our organizational structure focuses on providing mentorship and opportunities for professional growth.
  • Open to applicants from all over the country. The only requirement is that your location be one that allows you to complete the demands of the position and mission. We currently have staff in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and elsewhere around the country. 

Instructions: To apply to this position, please fill out the application here.

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