President Trump Calls for Google Investigation and Accuses Mueller of Crimes on Fox News



Well my reaction [to Mueller’s scheduled testimony] is it never ends, we had no obstruction, we had no collusion, we had a report that was — you know, considering it had 18 people that hated Donald Trump and you had Mueller that obviously was not a Trump fan, not a Trump person, how these people were picked is, you know, by itself incredible. And yet the report is no collusion, no obstruction, which was ruled on by our great attorney general. He’s great, he’s doing a fantastic job in many other ways too. But he ruled on it, he read it, he saw it and he ruled on the report and based on the report there was no obstruction whatsoever. And of course it’s hard to have obstruction when you have no crime, we can also add that, he didn’t rule on that basis, he just ruled on it that there’s no obstruction. But you had no event. You didn’t have crime, you had crime on the other side, OK, if you want to know the truth. […] Look, you had people spying on my campaign, that’s very simple, OK. Before I used to say it could have been, you had people spying on my campaign, it’s probably the first time in history it’s happened. They got caught and they’re running around going wild trying to do everything they can. But they spied on my campaign, it’s as simple as that, it’s so illegal it’s probably the biggest political scandal in history and they got caught doing it and it was a reverse — it was really a reversal of sorts. But it’s a horrible thing that happened. […] Let me tell you, [Google is] trying to rig the election. That’s what we should be looking at, not the witch hunt, the phony witch hunt which has proven zero. You know, not even a phone call. This is the biggest political disgrace in history. […] But I tell you what, [Google] should be sued because what’s happening with the bias — and now you see it with that executive yesterday from Google, the hatred for the Republicans. It’s not even like gee let’s lean Democrat, the hatred. And actually, you know, I heard that all during my election. It’s hard that I won, they were — they were swamping us with negative stuff. […] But here’s where it’s unfair, I have had 24/7 a phony witch hunt, a disgusting phony witch hunt that nobody else would have even been take — a normal person couldn’t have even taken it. I have been attacked for two and a half years with a phony, dishonest, crooked group of people in intelligence agencies and beyond that have been doing nothing but attacking your president. […] The spies — Maria you know what, I used to say well we’ll find out. They spied on my campaign, and when you look at somebody saying listen, she’s going to win, but if she doesn’t we have an insurance policy. You know what the insurance policy is? We have an insurance policy to get him out of office. These are sick people. The two lovers, I mean the two pathetic lovers, I mean there’s two love birds. They sung like nobody’s ever sung. […] Now here’s the problem, Robert Mueller, they worked for him, and the two lovers were together and they had texts back and forth and e-mail back and forth. […] Mueller terminated them illegally. He terminated the e-mails, he terminated all of the stuff between Strzok and Page, you know they sung like you’ve never seen. Robert Mueller terminated their text messages together. He would — he terminated them. They’re gone. And that’s illegal, he — that’s a crime.

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