President Trump Appears on Bill O'Reilly's Radio Show*



Joe Biden’s son became rich, as soon as, Joe Biden became Vice President, and in my way of thinking, that’s totally corrupt. […] Joe Biden, it was — it’s criminal what they’ve done, and frankly, that they get away with it is amazing. The son who was — who didn’t have a job, who got thrown out of the Navy, who was really down and out, all of a sudden, is making millions and millions and millions of dollars working with Ukraine. He had no knowledge of energy. He was working with an energy company, as you know, has no knowledge of energy, and they were paying him, I guess many people say, $168,000 a month, it varies, but we know it’s very high, millions of dollars. Then he goes to China, picks up $1.5 billion for a fund, which is tens of millions of dollars a year in fees and other things. And now, other countries are coming to light. It’s a payoff. It’s absolutely a payoff.


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