President Trump Holds Rally in Sunrise, FL



The radical-left Democrats are trying to rip our nation apart. First, it was the Russia hoax, total hoax. It was a failed overthrow attempt and the biggest fraud in the history of our country, and then, you look at the Mueller deal. Do you remember that mess? They had nothing, two years, they spent $45 million, and the real cost is many times that number. And now, the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment. And think of this, impeachment, impeachment, a witch hunt the same as before, and they’re pushing that impeachment, witch hunt, and a lot of bad things happening to them because do you see what’s happening in the polls? Everybody said that’s really bullshit, true. Everybody. […] In the twisted world view of the Washington, very sick Democrats, it was totally fine when crooked Hillary Clinton ran her outrageous pay-for-play schemes out of the State Department. And then, she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a subpoena from Congress that was standard play. […] They were devastated by what happened with this Mueller witch hunt deal, and then, Mueller testified. How did he do what he testified to? How did he do? It wasn’t too good but they were devastated. They say this is a disaster. […]


And if you want to see what corruption looks like, then take a look, no further than slow, sleepy Joe. I don’t know what’s going on with Joe. When sleepy Joe was in charge of Ukraine policy, his son, I call him where is he? Where’s Hunter? Where is he? What happened to Hunter? Where’s Hunter? His son received millions and millions of dollars from a Ukrainian energy company without a great — you know the reputation of that company, despite knowing absolutely nothing about energy. What business are you in, sir? The mailbox business? Oh, bail bond, well, that’s — do you know Hunter Biden? Do you know sleepy Joe? Bail bond, whoa. So, did you ever work on energy before? You know more about energy, he said, no, then, Hunter, you know much more. Despite being thrown out of the Navy for lots of different reasons, we won’t even go into it. He made no money, zero, nothing, and then, all of a sudden, his father becomes Vice President, and he’s making millions and millions, and then, he goes to China, where, by the way, we’re getting very close to a very good deal, and if we don’t make it that’s fine, but we’re getting very close. Obviously, Hunter is dealing with different people that I’m dealing with in China because after 10 minutes, he walked away for his fund with $1.5 billion. I will tell you, I said to everybody, these are different people that I’m dealing with in China. They got much softer. That was what his father was Vice President, and now, they’re finding other countries.

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