North Carolina

Protect Democracy is seeking highly motivated individuals to join us as Counsel, Policy Advocate, and Communications and Advocacy Strategists in North Carolina.

Protect Democracy is a national organization that also engages in work at the state and local level to protect our democratic institutions. We have a distributed workforce, with staff based around the country, including in Boston, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Virginia, and Washington D.C. By having staff distributed throughout the country, we are able to draw on the best talent nation-wide, and also operate on the ground in multiple regions more effectively.

We are looking to build our presence in North Carolina, though staff we hire in North Carolina, like all of our staff, will not be limited to North Carolina-based work. We expect that this person will work on projects across Protect Democracy’s portfolio of work including proposing projects that they think will have a high impact on our mission, while taking the lead where necessary on projects specific to the North Carolina region.

While an existing familiarity with an experience operating in the North Carolina political, legal, policy and media landscape is a plus, it is not required. Excellent candidates will be able to quickly build a footprint in that landscape as necessary to advance Protect Democracy’s mission. 

To apply for one of the these positions (Counsel, Policy Advocate, and Communications and Advocacy Strategists in North Carolina), send a cover letter and résumé to as a single PDF with North Carolina and the position you are applying for in the subject line followed by your last name.

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