Protecting Free & Fair Elections

Our Work

Without free, fair, and secure elections, voters have no voice, little control over the direction of the country, and few ways to correct course when things go awry.

Why Is This Important

Elections are the linchpin of our democracy. Holding elections, and ensuring that power changes hands in accordance with their outcomes, is the essence of democratic self-government. By defending them, we also protect our rights and our system of government.

This takes two steps. First, we defend the process of holding elections. We do so by making sure that election officials are allowed to do their work without interference, that election systems are secure, and that politicians are unable to dictate the outcome or manipulate election rules.

Second, we protect voters’ ability to participate meaningfully in the process, free from intimidation and harassment.

By ensuring that elections remain free, fair, and secure, we maintain our collective ability to shape the future of the country — or, when needed, to change course. In that, we protect voters’ trust in the results, even when their preferred candidates lose.

The kinds of outcomes we seek

  1. Build secure, accessible, and accurate election systems and processes that are free from interference from foreign adversaries or domestic political actors.
  2. Create guardrails that ensure voters and candidates abide by the outcomes of every election.
  3. Foster public confidence in the fact that elections are free, fair, and secure.

What Impact Have We Had

Protected tens of thousands of voters from disfranchisement, intimidation, suppression, and election manipulation, and secured new precedents around the Ku Klux Klan Act and the Voting Rights Act.

Helped defend the 2020 and 2022 elections from attempts to manipulate and subvert a free and fair result, and assisted in the passage of reforms to the Electoral Count Act that will better protect the will of the voters and the transfer of presidential power.