Our Mission

Protect Democracy is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization formed in late 2016 with an urgent and explicit mission: to prevent American democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government.

Our founders, who came from the White House Counsel’s Office and upper echelons of the Department of Justice, assembled a group of some of the world’s leading experts on the decline of democracies in the 21st Century to sound the alarm that the global wave of authoritarianism had landed on U.S. shores.

From our earliest days, we recognized that as much as having an autocrat in the White House posed an acute and immediate danger that required forceful and urgent action, Donald Trump was a symptom — not cause — of the authoritarian movement. And we understood that the threat of authoritarianism would outlast his presidency.

We believe confronting and defeating this threat requires a generational effort that will evolve and shift over time. Therefore, we set out to build the strongest organizational foundation we could, recognizing that we need to deploy different tools and strategies at different moments. In short, we believe that if we build a good company, it will make good products — in this case, the products being strategic interventions to protect our democracy.

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