Protect Democracy

Our democracy is in danger.

The 250-year American experiment in self-government is threatened by a global rise in authoritarianism. Together, we can preserve democracy for future generations.

Illustration depicting a collage of the US Capitol building with stars, a protesting crowd, and a child looking upward towards the capitol rotunda.

Authoritarianism has been on the march around the world for over a decade.

Understanding the threat

Democracy is in retreat around the world. The majority of countries grew more autocratic between 2011 and 2021, according to independent research institute V-Dem.

Map: decline in Liberal Democratic Index (LDI), V-Dem Institute, 2011-2021.

We know the playbook authoritarians use to come to power.

Authoritarian Threat Index Score

Significant Threat Threat Level: 2.5 – out of 5

And every independent indicator and warning light we have is blinking red

But we can stop it. Here’s how:

Our strategy

We can preserve democracy in the United States with a unified and cross-ideological strategy.

We protect free & fair elections, regardless of who wins.

We defend the rule of law against authoritarian threats.

We prevent disinformation from corrupting fact-based debate.

We shape the democracy of tomorrow.

About Protect Democracy

Our mission is to prevent our democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government.

We defend elections, the rule of law, and fact-based political debate against authoritarian threats — regardless of who wins or who is in power — and work to shape a better democracy for future generations.