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Campaign Report — Arizona’s bumpy road to certifying 2022 election (opens a new window)

Certifying the county’s elections are important for two reasons: As Hobbs’ lawsuit notes, several recounts can’t be performed, including in the attorney general’s race, until the statewide canvass is completed.

But certifying the results is also important because if the county still refuses to do so, Hobbs’ lawyers said in their lawsuit that the top elections official would be required to perform the statewide canvass without Cochise County’s votes, which could affect the election results in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District.

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What to watch as Arizona moves to certify 2022 election amid GOP pushback (opens a new window)

“This should be a slam-dunk case,” said Jared Davidson, an attorney with Protect Democracy.

“The board’s duties to certify are paradigmatic examples of a nondiscretionary duty, and the special action procedure is designed specifically to seek relief from government officials to act in a way where statutes give them no discretion whatsoever,” he continued. “So I fully expect that lawsuit to be successful because there can really be no serious question that what the board is doing here is an abject failure to abide by their explicit statutory duties.”

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Former Obama lawyer Ian Bassin: The coming indictment of Donald Trump will break his power (opens a new window)

In an effort to assess America’s ongoing democracy crisis and the country’s emotional life more broadly, I recently spoke with Ian Bassin, co-founder and executive director of Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to stop American democracy from declining into authoritarianism.

Bassin previously served as associate White House counsel in the Obama administration. His essays and other writing have been featured by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic and other leading publications.

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Arizona becomes epicenter of GOP challenges to 2022 election (opens a new window)

“The board is sort of turning this ministerial act into an act of political theater,” said Jared Davidson, an attorney with Protect Democracy. “They should follow the will of the voters of Cochise County and certify the results, that’s their duty. Refusing to certify the results will nullify or effectively disenfranchise those voters, the majority of whom are Republican.”

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Does Fusion Voting Offer Americans a Way Out of the Partisan Morass? (opens a new window)

Beau Tremitiere, a lawyer at Protect Democracy, said that fusion voting “allows voters all over the political spectrum who care deeply about democracy and the rule of law to work together effectively,” adding, “With their own ballot line, they can play a decisive role in our elections and stem the rising tide of anti-democratic extremism.”

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Electoral reforms part of packed agenda in final weeks of congressional session (opens a new window)

Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan group fighting authoritarianism, believes it’s more likely ECA reform moves forward as an attachment to another bill.

“The most likely pathway for the [Senate’s Electoral Count Reform Act] to become law is inclusion in omnibus appropriations legislation after any adjustments to reconcile it with similar House-passed legislation,” said Blake Jelley, the group’s communications and advocacy strategist.

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