Protect Democracy represents 37 former Republican officials challenging President's claim of absolute immunity in Supreme Court brief

In a brief to the Supreme Court, 37 former Republican officials argue that President Trump’s claim of absolute immunity from prosecution is legally wrong and violates constitutional values.

Protect Democracy represented 37 former Republican members of Congress, former officials from Republican administrations, and legal experts to submit a friend of the court brief to the Supreme Court in Trump v. Vance, which focuses on whether Trump’s accountants must comply with a grand jury subpoena for documents related to a state criminal investigation examining hush money payments made by Trump’s associates to two women. President Trump has argued that he is absolutely immune from all criminal proceedings, even merely providing documents related to private affairs that pre-date his presidency. As the brief’s signatories explain to the Court, the president’s argument is a radical departure from the fundamental founding principle that the law applies equally to every American.

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