Congress, Again, Fails to Protect Our Democracy

In response to the Senate’s failure to even initiate debate on the Freedom to Vote Act, Ben Berwick, Counsel at Protect Democracy, issued the following statement:

“Enough is enough. While we sincerely appreciate those Senators who have and will continue to work in good faith to make progress on legislation that will help ensure the continued vitality of our democracy, we are deeply disappointed with Congress’ inability as a whole to rise to the occasion and protect the integrity of our elections in the face of the existential threats facing our democracy. The idea that ‘the world’s greatest deliberative body’ cannot even begin a serious debate on this legislation reveals a deeply broken legislative process that is not up to the task of confronting the biggest challenges we face as a country. 

“We know our democratic republic is in existential peril. A clear majority of Americans understand this and support legislation that allows all eligible voters to cast their ballots freely and safely and to have those ballots counted. Today’s inaction is inexcusable. If Congress doesn’t heed the American people and find a way to move forward, we may not be able to repair the damage to our democracy.”

As recent polling shows, the vast majority of voters support legislation to secure ballots, combat voter intimidation, and protect election results from partisan interference. 

Notably, The Freedom to Vote Act includes the Protecting Election Administration from Interference Act and the Right to Vote Act, and other measures which would help respond to 216+ bills introduced in 41 states that enable partisan interference with election administration, as documented in A Democracy Crisis in the Making, a recent report from Protect Democracy, States United Democracy Center, and Law Forward.

For more information and the latest updates on federal election legislation that would secure the right to vote, protect against election subversion, and continue the peaceful transfer of power, check out our webpage, here.