Department of Justice Raises Concerns Over AZ Audit

Today, the Department of Justice sent a letter to the Arizona Senate expressing concerns over the “audit” of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County. The letter to the Senate comes after Protect Democracy, Brennan Center, and The Leadership Conference sent their own joint letter to the DOJ requesting the deployment of federal election monitors to the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum where Cyber Ninjas is conducting the first part of its “audit.”

The DOJ’s letter outlines many of the same concerns that Protect Democracy and its partners raised with the so-called audit, including concerns that Cyber Ninja’s plan to interrogate voters would constitute unlawful voter intimidation. In response, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann notified the Department of Justice that the plans to interrogate voters has been “indefinitely defer[red]”.

For more information, visit Protecting Arizona Voters from Unlawful Intimidation.