On Election Day 2020, the Best Way to Protect Democracy Is to Vote

Over the past few weeks, millions of Americans have overcome extraordinary challenges to exercise their right to vote.

They’ve braved a global pandemic, long lines, and inclement weather. They’ve found trusted, secure ways to cast their ballots — whether with the aid of a mask, a dropbox, or a mailbox. And they’ve shown that ultimately, it is the will of the people that will shape our collective future.

Since our founding, Protect Democracy has worked with many knowledgeable election experts and organizations to help ensure that voters can freely participate in the democratic process. Local election officials have been preparing for this election all year and are following every law — and counting and verifying every eligible ballot — to ensure that voters can have confidence in the outcome.

A strong democracy is one where everyone participates, and what is happening today gives us hope. Americans have shattered records for early voting and mail-in voting. Turnout has reached historic levels with almost 100 million ballots cast heading into Election Day.

We are grateful to everyone who has voted, and to those organizations and individuals working to ensure that a vote cast will be a vote counted.

The American people are making their voices heard, and that is ultimately the best way to protect our democracy.

If you have any questions about voting, please visit vote.org.

If you experience any challenges or interference while voting, please call (866) OUR-VOTE.