Why Protect Democracy is Representing Victims of Election Hacking

When we founded Protect Democracy six months ago, it was to focus on efforts that are absolutely essential to the health of our democracy itself. That interest is a nonpartisan one that should be important to all Americans. Our mission is not about taking sides on policy or political fights that are more appropriately settled at the ballot box.

Since forming, we’ve worked on protecting our core checks and balances — ensuring a separation between politics and law enforcement, supporting an independent civil service and Judiciary, and bolstering the rule of law, especially on matters of war and peace. We made a point not to simply react to the latest headlines.

It became more clear every day, however, that the ultimate check in our democracy — free and fair elections — had an open wound. That in the hacking and distribution of Americans’ private information during the 2016 election, there were real victims. We thought about the people who were not political candidates or public figures, but who were just trying to participate in their democracy at the basic level as Americans always have. And it became obvious that so long as those victims didn’t have justice, their access to our democracy would stand violated and other civic-minded Americans might be chilled from participating.

That’s why we are representing three Americans in their suit against the Trump Campaign and Roger Stone. These plaintiffs are using the law and the American civil justice system the way it was intended: to vindicate important rights and values, such as the right to privacy and the right to participate in the political process; and to deter others who might consider colluding with a foreign government for political gain. They want to ensure that what they have gone through does not become something we accept as part of our democracy. We agree, and are honored to help them pursue justice under the law.

All three of these Americans want to see the other investigations into these issues continue, but with the legal deadline approaching to pursue justice for themselves, they made the difficult decision to step forward. As we spoke to them, each of these victims expressed a sense of “duty” at various times to seek justice, even after a tumultuous year resulting from their private information being published for the world to see, and even knowing that stepping forward could bring new attacks.

They aren’t seeking publicity, nor are they trying to reverse the last election, and neither are we at Protect Democracy. We felt it was important to explain exactly why we have agreed to help them get justice, and look forward to continuing to help protect our democracy together.

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