Taking on the Threat

As Americans, we have strong tools rooted in our Constitution and system of checks and balances to prevent our democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government. With experience upholding the guardrails of democracy in the American government, and working with experts who study the rise and fall of democracies around the world, we’ve identified key areas of risk that need our immediate attention.

Below is what we’ve done to protect our democracy in each of those key areas:

Restoring Checks and Balances

In a democracy, checks and balances are not self-enforcing. And we are now facing a generational struggle to maintain the separation of powers at the heart of our Constitution. Over past decades, an expanding presidency has pushed the boundaries of law and opened the door to future authoritarians. Congress must reassert itself as a meaningful check on executive authority, reinvigorate the use of its own constitutional power, and rebuild the capacity to effectively govern a complex, modern country. Without reform, our democracy is at risk of backsliding into a more authoritarian form of government in which the president wields unchecked power — the very danger our constitutional system of checks and balances was designed to forestall.

Our work:

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