Statement on Passage of FY22 Omnibus Appropriations Bill with Pro-Democracy Reforms

    Our organizations, which span the ideological spectrum and care deeply about Congressional power of the purse matters, applaud the passage of provisions in the Omnibus Appropriations bill requiring the Office of Management and Budget to make information on apportionments of federal funds available to the public. These provisions will help improve congressional oversight of federal spending and give watchdogs inside and outside the government a powerful new tool to track the federal government’s use of taxpayer dollars. We also applaud a provision requiring federal agencies to notify Congress if a delay or condition on funding would prevent the agency from spending such funding before it expires. This is an important new tool for Congress and the public to ensure that the funding passed in appropriations laws is spent consistent with congressional intent.

    Demand Progress
    National Taxpayers Union
    Project on Government Oversight
    Protect Democracy
    R Street Institute
    Taxpayers for Common Sense

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