Protect Democracy Supports Three Bipartisan Bills on Federal Elections and AI

On May 15, 2024, the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration advanced three bipartisan bills that seek to safeguard the integrity of our federal elections amidst rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI). 

Recent advances in generative AI mean that the technology can be used more cheaply and at greater scale than ever before, and by any user. That poses a risk it could be used to amplify long-standing election threats, such as disinformation and voter suppression. With those issues in mind, the Senate Rules Committee approved three bills for further action:

  • S. 3875, the AI Transparency in Elections Act of 2024, would mandate disclaimers on political ads related to federal campaigns that use audio, video or images that have been substantially altered by generative AI.  
  • S. 2770, the Protect Elections from Deceptive AI Act, prohibits the intentional distribution of certain categories of materially deceptive AI-generated audio or visual content that deceives audiences to influence an election or solicit campaign contributions.  
  • S. 3897, the Preparing Election Administrators for AI Act, directs the Election Assistance Commission, together with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to develop voluntary guidelines for election administrators on the risks and appropriate uses of AI technologies, including assessing its impact on threats to election administration related to cybersecurity and disinformation.

About the Authors

Nicole Schneidman

Technology Policy Strategist

Nicole Schneidman is a Technology Policy Strategist at Protect Democracy working to combat anti-democratic applications and impacts of technology, including disinformation.

Holly Idelson

Policy Strategist

Holly Idelson advocates for democracy reforms to promote the rule of law, uphold separation of powers and advance voting rights and election administration.

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