TODAY: Protect Democracy launches Democracy Endgame essays from Larry Diamond and Nicole Bibbins Sedaca

  • September 14, 2021

American democracy is immobilized by polarization. Hostile ideological conflict heightens the stakes of every election, encourages anti-democratic behavior, gridlocks our politics, and makes implementing democracy reforms more challenging. This Gordian knot also increases the risk that politicians and citizens alike will cease to value democracy itself, opening the door wider to future authoritarians.

So how do we untangle it? How can pro-democracy reformers de-escalate brinkmanship and disincentivize polarization? What reforms are most likely to succeed in a challenging landscape? How can we build a pro-democracy political coalition to support change? In new essays for Protect Democracy’s Democracy Endgame series, Larry Diamond and Nicole Bibbins Sedaca each weigh the challenge of polarization in the United States and propose paths for cutting through the snare.

Read Larry Diamond’s essay, How to Secure American Democracy, also published by American Purpose

Read Nicole Bibbins Sedaca’s essay, How to End America’s Partisan Meltdown. You can also read an op-ed version of the essay in the Dallas Morning News.

Join a webinar discussion with Larry Diamond and Nicole Bibbins Sedaca on September 15th at 12:00PM EDT. Register here

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