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The National Task Force on Election Crises is a diverse, cross-partisan group of more than 50 experts in election law, election administration, national security, cybersecurity, voting rights, civil rights, technology, media, public health, and emergency response. The Task Force’s mission is to prevent and mitigate a range of election crises by calling for critical preventative reforms to our election systems. The only electoral outcomes the Task Force advocates for are free, fair, and safe elections in the United States.

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Strengthening our Elections and Preventing Election Crises: Lessons and Recommendations from the 2020 General Election

The 2020 election was defined by paradox and contradiction. Thanks to millions of poll workers, election officials, and citizens who stepped up to make our democracy work, the election was secure and free from systemic or significant fraud. A record 160 million Americans voted and had their voices heard. Yet still, voter intimidation and racial disparities in access to the ballot continued, our election system was revealed to be aging and unnecessarily confusing, Americans weathered a wave of disinformation and, of course, there were unprecedented efforts to delegitimize and overturn the election results—ultimately inciting a crisis, the likes of which we’ve not experienced in modern history. In the end, Congress counted all of the electoral votes, but only after President Trump sought to both coerce federal and state officials to overturn the results and incited a violent insurrection. This attack on our democracy culminated with white supremacist rioters attacking the Capitol seeking to not only overturn the Constitutional order, but also to take hostages and assassinate members of Congress and the Vice President.

While American democracy has survived this crisis so far, we will only be able to prevent the next one if we both:

  1. ensure accountability for all those who incited, abetted, and participated in the insurrection, and
  2. adopt preventative reforms based on the lessons we learned in this election.

Those lessons and reforms are the focus of this report. To learn more, read the report here.

Undermining Free & Fair Elections: July 2021 Update on the Risk of Election Crises Since November 2020

The mission of the National Task Force on Election Crises is to prevent election crises whenever possible, and to prepare to respond to and mitigate crises when they do occur. That mission remains as critical today as it was during the 2020 presidential election. In fact, the Task Force considers the risk of crises threatening future elections in this country to be dangerously high.

This report highlights some of the most concerning trends that have developed in recent months and the critical reforms that are needed to protect our elections in 2022 and after.

To learn more, read the report here.

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