Former Members of Congress Demand Ethics Investigation of Lawmakers Who Sought to Prevent Transfer of Presidential Power

  • December 17, 2022

More than three dozen former Republican and Democratic members of Congress have demanded an Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into lawmakers who sought to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.

As findings by the House January 6 Select Committee and news reports shine further light on the roles played by sitting lawmakers to subvert the 2020 presidential election, more than three dozen former members of Congress have called for an Office of Congressional Ethics investigation.

In a letter released today, the former members demand accountability for current members who sought to prevent the lawful transfer of power. “Our ability to ensure that such efforts are not repeated rests upon accountability for unlawful and unethical behavior,” the former members wrote. “No one — including members of Congress — is above the law.”

The former members reference past and recent revelations about sitting lawmakers communicating and coordinating with Trump White House officials and allies to, among other things, encourage the president to declare martial law; submit false certificates of electoral votes to Congress; pressure the vice president, in contravention of his constitutional duties, to disrupt the counting of electoral votes; enlist federal law enforcement authorities to interfere with the election; and, among some lawmakers, seek presidential pardons.

“Based on the facts and findings to date, we urge you to demand that the Office of Congressional Ethics thoroughly investigate those members who played a role in the events leading up to and on January 6th, and if appropriate, that the House exercise its disciplinary functions,” the former members wrote. “At stake is not only the institutional integrity of the legislative branch — to draw and enforce bright lines of ethical conduct—but the principle of accountability upon which our democracy rests.”

Read their full letter here.

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