Jessica Denson Moves to Extend Her Victory Over Trump Campaign’s Illegal NDA to Hundreds of 2016 Workers

Today, Jessica Denson filed a motion seeking class certification for everyone who was required to sign the 2016 Trump Campaign’s illegal non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The motion was filed in a class action lawsuit brought by Jessica Denson, a former Trump campaign staffer, represented by Protect Democracy, Bowles & Johnson PLLC, and Ballard Spahr LLP.

Today’s motion, if granted, would entitle everyone who signed the illegal NDA to the benefit of the earlier Court victory Ms. Denson achieved in March 2021, striking down the contract as invalid. In addition, it would enable Ms. Denson to seek an injunction barring anyone from attempting to enforce the illegal contract, resolving this matter once and for all.

In what appears to be an effort to avoid final judgment, the Trump Campaign has waived the white flag in its battle against Ms. Denson, volunteering to stop enforcing its illegal contract.  But the Campaign’s promise is neither legally enforceable nor binding, and it does not prevent countless third-parties purportedly empowered by the contract from seeking to enforce the NDA.

“The Court has already recognized that the Trump Campaign does not operate in good faith,” said Jessica Denson. “I am pressing forward with the legal steps necessary to make sure that no one, including the former President, can ever use these illegal NDAs to impede justice again.”

Protect Democracy, Bowles & Johnson PLLC, and Ballard Spahr LLP filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jessica Denson and other former 2016 Trump Campaign workers to put a stop to the Campaign’s ongoing efforts to silence its former workers, and to make clear that public officials and candidates for office cannot use campaign NDAs to forever strip workers of their right to participate in public debate.

More information about the case is available here.

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