Legal scholars, experts, and former public officials to Senators: Your oaths oblige you to weigh the evidence, now that the jurisdictional question of impeachment has been resolved.

  • February 12, 2021

Soon, United States Senators will be charged with voting to convict or acquit Donald Trump, who stands accused of inciting an insurrection. The nation’s top legal scholars and experts, along with former public officials have joined forces to remind Senators that their oaths require them to weigh the evidence, regardless of the political costs.

You will soon sit in judgment of his conduct, faced with the choice of whether to convict [Donald Trump]. We, the undersigned legal scholars, experts, and former public officials, send this letter to remind you of the obligations imposed by your oath of office to weigh the evidence—not as Republicans or Democrats, but as impartial officials charged by the Framers with a duty to preserve our democracy and uphold the rule of law.”

For a PDF of this document click here.

The letter was organized in part by Protect Democracy and was covered by The Washington Post.

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