Media Guides: Covering Political Violence

Covering political violence and violent extremism can be a fraught endeavor for the media. In an environment of polarization, social tension, and widespread misinformation, it is essential but also challenging to avoid inadvertently spreading false narratives, fueling conflict, or providing platforms to extremists.

In partnership with Over Zero, we’re working with organizations like the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection to compile best practices for newsrooms looking to accurately and responsibly cover political violence and violent extremism in a range of contexts.  

Each guide includes core principles, key questions reporters and editors can ask to guide coverage, examples of thoughtful coverage from a range of outlets, and links to additional resources on conflict sensitive reporting. Additional guides will be posted on this webpage as they are developed. 

Media Guides

If you are a journalist and have a topic you would like to see covered in this series, you can send us your idea at [email protected].