Protect Democracy applauds Congress on H.R. 1

We applaud the 116th Congress for putting democracy reform at the top of the agenda with H.R. 1 and thank Reps. Sarbanes, Pelosi, and the incoming class for prioritizing these issues. Our democracy, like many around the world, is facing new challenges that Congress must address.  Protect Democracy supports many of the important provisions of this bill. In particular, the election cybersecurity, election interference, and voting provisions in Title 1 protect the right to vote and the right to have all votes counted. Protect Democracy has litigated to protect these rights around the country and is encouraged that Congress will do more to ensure that all Americans can participate in our most basic democratic processes. All Members of Congress from both parties should support these basic values.

The American people want Congress to tackle the problems this bill is designed to tackle, but this is just a start and the task of democracy reform must not end here. Over the last several Presidential administrations, executive power has grown, weakening the basic checks and balances that are fundamental to our democratic system. Last summer, Protect Democracy proposed a Roadmap for Renewal setting out reforms Congress should enact to strengthen our democracy.  Many of these are included in H.R. 1, and Congress should continue to take responsibility for its constitutional role to safeguard our democracy.