Statement from Counsel for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss on Giuliani’s Stipulation to Permanent Injunction

For the second time in six months, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss have held Rudolph Giuliani accountable for the harm he has caused them. In an agreement filed today, Mr. Giuliani has consented to a permanent injunction in the follow-on lawsuit Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss filed on the heels of their historic jury verdict last December. Giuliani has agreed to never again accuse either Ms. Freeman or Ms. Moss of engaging in any wrongdoing in connection with the 2020 election. He has further agreed that if he violates this injunction, he can immediately be brought before a District Court in Washington DC, and that his bankruptcy will not interfere with holding him accountable. 

Statements from Counsel for Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss below:

Michael J. Gottlieb, Partner at Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP and Counsel for Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss, said: “We are pleased that Mr. Giuliani has finally agreed to cease spreading lies about Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. Today ends his efforts to profit off of lies about these two heroes of American democracy.” 

John Langford, Counsel at Protect Democracy and Counsel for Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss said: “Even Rudy Giuliani knows the game is up. This victory sends yet another important message that our laws apply to everyone, no matter how powerful or famous.” 

Mr. Giuliani’s stipulation to permanent injunction can be found here.

More information about this litigation can be found here.

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