The Voters Have Spoken

The voters have spoken, affirming the resilience of our democracy after record-breaking participation in a uniquely challenging election year. Significant threats to our democracy remain, and it will require a generational effort to address them. But today, we recognize the dedication to a free and fair election demonstrated by the American people and hardworking election officials. Every voter counts.

There is still a long way to go. Winners have yet to be determined in many down-ballot races. All votes must be counted in every race before this election is over. Then we will enter a transition period after which it will be critical to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

Eventually, we must set about rebuilding our democratic institutions and perfecting our democracy so that it truly embodies our highest ideals. President Trump’s ascension is a symptom, not the cause, of political forces that are eroding support for democracy at home and abroad. Those forces will continue to pose a threat to our system of government unless we rise to meet them.

The road ahead of us is long, but we are headed in a hopeful direction. Protect Democracy will continue to fight to fulfill the promise of a truer, more robust and inclusive democracy.