Testimony of Anne Tindall and Grant Tudor before the House Judiciary Committee: Modernizing Congress’s Subpoena Compliance and Enforcement Methods

In June 2021, Protect Democracy’s Anne Tindall and Grant Tudor submitted written testimony to the House Judiciary Committee for its hearing on civil enforcement of congressional authorities. Tindall and Tudor’s testimony described how, over a period of decades, “Congress’s power of inquiry has been steadily compromised, driven in part by the weakening of its subpoena compliance and enforcement tools.” The pair proposed responsive reforms in three areas: strengthening civil enforcement actions, modernizing Congress’s inherent contempt power, and updating the statutory contempt process.

Watch the House Judiciary Committee’s June 8, 2021, hearing on civil enforcement of congressional authorities.

About the Authors

Anne Tindall


Anne Tindall is Counsel at Protect Democracy, where she works to secure accountability for abuses of power. Prior to Protect Democracy, she served as Assistant General Counsel for Litigation and Oversight at the C.F.P.B. She was also Counsel to Rep. Waxman, Chair of House Energy and Commerce Cmte.

Grant Tudor

Policy Advocate

Grant Tudor develops and advocates for a range of reforms to shore up our democratic institutions.

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