Using OMB’s Apportionment Website: Resources for Congress

Apportionments are legally binding plans that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) uses to make appropriated funds available to federal agencies. 

Apportionments set limits—beyond those in appropriations and authorization legislation—on how and when an agency may spend funds, what an agency may spend funds on, and any conditions an agency must meet before spending funds. In short, these documents help explain when and where money goes after Congress appropriates it.

In the FY2022 omnibus, for the first time, lawmakers required OMB to disclose apportionments to Congress and the public. In July 2022, OMB met that requirement, unveiling a public apportionment website:

This page provides a suite of resources to ensure members of Congress and staff have the information they need to take full advantage of their access to this website—from a recorded training on how to read apportionments and use OMB’s website and the associated slide deck to an overview of relevant statutory requirements and a compilation of related educational resources.

Video Training

Apportionment Resources for Congress

Key Terms Defined
Finding an Apportionment
The Relevant Antideficiency Act Sections
OMB Resources on Apportionments
Additional Video Explainers

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