Fighting Disinformation in Court


The Internet and social media have enabled a small group of actors to disproportionately pollute our information ecosystem, purposefully or recklessly publishing lies that spread like wildfire. Some pose as journalists while defaming individuals to distort public debate and score political points.

Public debate is being short-circuited by individuals and entities that repeatedly spread lies. Before anyone can correct their lies, they move on to the next victim.

The First Amendment does not protect intentional or reckless serial liars, who are undermining our democracy itself.

Law for Truth, a project of Protect Democracy, works to stop those who intentionally or recklessly spread false information that undermines our democracy. Through strategic litigation, issue-focused advocacy, and public education, we protect that democracy — along with individuals and entities victimized by disinformation — against those who defame, intentionally or recklessly, for financial, partisan, or other reasons.

Read more about our work to combat specific lies undermining our democracy below.

Weisenbach v. Project Veritas et al.

Ruby Freeman & Wandrea Moss v. Gateway Pundit et al.

Ruby Freeman & Wandrea Moss v. OAN et al.

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