The “Actual Malice” Standard, Explained

Supreme Court

The “Actual Malice” Standard, Explained

What exactly is the “actual malice” standard? Our new paper, explores the history, role, and purpose of the standard, and how it fits into our democracy.

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Three Huge Wins for Democracy in 2022

An extensive recounting of how we achieved three of our top priorities for 2022: reforming the Electoral Count Act, ensuring accountability for January 6th, and combatting disinformation in court.

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Mark Andrews v. Dinesh D’Souza et al.

Protect Democracy and its partners filed suit against the makers and promoters of the election lie-hyping film 2000 Mules.

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Scales of Justice and Gavel

Fighting Disinformation in Court

Law for Truth, a project of Protect Democracy, works to stop those who intentionally or recklessly spread false information that undermines our democracy.

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