Taking on the Threat

As Americans, we have strong tools rooted in our Constitution and system of checks and balances to prevent our democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government.  With experience upholding the guardrails of democracy in the American government, and working with experts who study the rise and fall of democracies around the world, we’ve identified key areas of risk that need our immediate attention.  Here is what we’re doing to Protect our Democracy in each of those key areas:


Corrupting Elections

Free, fair, and regular elections form the cornerstone of the American experiment, allowing citizens to exercise their most basic political right: the right to choose who governs. This right has expanded in America through most of its history, but in recent years efforts to reverse this trend have gained steam. President Trump has exacerbated this threat, attempting to undermine the legitimacy of elections by repeatedly calling into question the results, and exaggerating the prevalence of voter fraud in what appears to be a prelude to restricting the franchise. He has also refused to condemn Russian interference in the 2016 contest or take meaningful steps to prevent such interference from happening again. We are working to address the corruption of the 2016 elections, and prevent election interference of any kind going forward.

Our current projects to stop Corrupting Elections:

Latest Updates on Corrupting Elections